Westland Real Estate Contracts Lawyers

At Clos, Russell & Wirth, P.C., we ensure our clients are exposed to minimal risk and understand all the requirements of commercial and residential real estate transactions. Purchases and sales of property are possibly the largest financial transactions that most individuals ever make, and the successful completion of transactions is vital to the stability of individual, family and business finances. We help our clients avoid the many potential hazards contained within purchase agreements, leases, land contracts and several other aspects of a real estate transaction.

Our Westland real estate contracts attorneys provide professional legal services to clients throughout southeastern Michigan looking to protect their interests and their assets throughout the process of a transaction. We walk clients through the entire process and review all documents, including:

  • Mortgage agreements
  • Purchase agreements
  • Residential and commercial leases
  • Land contracts
  • Title policies
  • Deeds

We read through all documents with very focused attention to detail, looking for hidden concessions such as additional costs, maintenance work required for the property and high commission rates. Our diligent work saves our clients money in the long run and provides significant safeguards against risks and liabilities.

Our law firm also has significant experience working with buyers and sellers involved in real estate transactions that involve a sale by owner. It is especially important to involve a lawyer in the transaction process if one or both parties have chosen not to use a Realtor. Commission fees can be saved, but without the counsel of an experienced lawyer, it is difficult to recognize potential risks, liabilities and concessions included in closing documents.

Protecting Client Interests in Leasing

Many leases also involve agreements to which a Realtor is not involved. We protect the interests of landlords in preparing leases and ensuring protections in lease terms. We are experienced in negotiating lease terms from a position of authority and identifying terms that are not in our clients' best interests. A mix of state and municipal laws can complicate matters quickly, so the trained eye of a thorough attorney is invaluable to ensure you are not exposing yourself to risks or liabilities in disputes.

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