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May 2012 Archives

Will the probate court need to appoint a conservator for Zsa Zsa Gabor?

Most people in Wayne County, or any part of Michigan, understand that events may occur that require the courts to appoint a guardian for young children. But many may not understand that the probate court, at times, is asked to appoint a guardian or conservator for adults.

Gary Coleman's ex-wife loses estate litigation

Actor Gary Coleman passed away nearly two years ago after suffering a head injury in a fall at his home. The actor was 42-years-old, and sources say that he was nearly broke. However, because of the nature of his profession, his estate may be entitled to royalties from his acting career and two women waged a probate court dispute over the late actor's estate. The estate also included his house.

It is never too early for young adults to create an estate plan

Conversations about estate planning are not necessarily on the top of the list for most families. For individuals, thinking about estate planning issues may even seem foreign. People in Michigan typically have many other things on their mind.

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