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July 2012 Archives

18-year-old son of Mary Kennedy seeks to be appointed estate administrator

The son of the late Mary Kennedy wishes to be the administrator of his mother's estate. Mary Kennedy died in May and her son turned 18-years-old earlier this week. The day after the young woman reached the age of 18, he appeared in court to request that he be named as administrator of his mother's estate.

Whitney Houston estate taking offers on singer's mansion

Many stories that make the news in the area of probate law involve bitter battles between feuding family members over an estate. In some cases in the news, feuds may involve a contest to the validity of a will. After Michael Jackson died several years ago, a number of his siblings brought a challenge to the will, arguing that the King of Pop was across the country when the will was executed on the West Coast.

Temporary settlement reached in Zsa Zsa Gabor conservatorship battle

In late May, this blog discussed a probate court dispute between Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband and Gabor's only daughter. The daughter had asked the court to name her Gabor's conservator because the daughter believed that her mother was not being properly cared for, both financially and medically.

Update: Paterno family releases will after media seeks to unseal probate file

Several weeks ago, this blog reported the unusual story that a judge had agreed to seal the will of the late Joe Paterno. Typically, when a will is submitted for probate during estate administration, the document and its contents become a matter of public record. Just a few short days after the news broke that Paterno's probate court file had been ordered sealed, the news media sought to have the information unsealed.

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