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September 2012 Archives

Thomas Kinkade's will remains at the center of a legal battle

Avoiding traditional estate planning can lead to confusion and legal battles when a person passes away, especially when leaving behind a high-value estate without a clear will and other documents designed to protect and distribute assets.

When is a Michigan guardianship necessary?

Although no one enjoys the thought of getting old or needing a guardian, a guardianship is sometimes a legal necessity to protect the elderly, the injured and those with special needs. A guardianship is supposed to ensure that a person is taken care of, but this doesn't always happen when the right person isn't chosen or unforeseen circumstances occur. It is important for Detroit-area residents to know their legal options regarding conservatorships and guardianships.

Proper legal help key to good estate planning

Michigan residents do estate planning because they want to ensure that loved ones are taken care of and that estate assets are protected. There are professionals who can help with the process of drafting a trust, writing a will, selecting life insurance and creating a variety of estate planning instruments that appropriate for planner's specific desires.

Estate planning should include digital assets

When building a comprehensive Michigan estate plan, there are myriad options to consider. One thing that often gets forgotten, however, is making provisions for digital assets. In the modern world, a lot of people use the Internet for banking, travel planning and paying bills, just to name a few functions related to personal finances. That is why it is important to include instructions for the handling of digital and other intangible properties, such as email accounts, into an estate administration plan.

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