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October 2012 Archives

Guardian seeks to uncover mystery man's identity

When people lose the ability to care for themselves, a legal guardianship can be a powerful tool in the hands of caring family members or friends to ensure that their loved ones continue to get the care and protection they deserve. Sometimes, however, a guardian can be a complete stranger who is appointed by a probate court.

Kevorkian artwork finally dealt with in estate settlement

Before the assets in an estate can be distributed, the estate's ownership of assets must be clearly established. A recent case in which this issue came up involved the estate of Jack Kevorkian.

Britney Spears conservatorship: cellphone and finances on watch

For those in Michigan considering conservatorships as a way to help someone who is unable to handle the assets in his or her possession, they can look to the well-publicized conservatorship of 30-year-old singer Britney Spears for some answers. The Spears' conservatorship has lasted 4 ½ years and shows no signs of ending soon, reportedly due to the successful nature of the process and the diligence of the conservators, her father Jamie Spears and her fiancé Jason Trawick.

Actor remains unburied awaiting probate battle

Here in Michigan, the probate process is intended to provide for the distribution of an estate after the estate owner's death. This process can become delayed and difficult if the decedent's will is challenged. This has been the case for the estate of actor Sherman Hemsley, who remains unburied while potential beneficiaries battle it out in court over the assets of his estate as well as the right to choose his final resting place.

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