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October 2013 Archives

Importance of estate planning

Many people in Michigan and elsewhere often find reasons and excuses to put off preparing a will. However, the failure to have basic estate planning in place can result in contested probate and long, drawn-out battles that can drain a family emotionally and financially.

Dealing with sudden windfalls

Coming into a lot of money through a windfall is a problem many people in Michigan think they might like to have. Yet some financial advisers have noted that this type of "money shock" is something that can actually ruin the lives of people left large inheritances as a result of a will or other estate planning instrument of a wealthy family member. Many heirs of large family fortunes worry that their inheritances may distance them from other people because of wealth that may have been created decades ago.

Judge allows review of Kasem's health

Casey Kasem gained fame through his radio countdown shows that were broadcast in Michigan and across the United States, and and the man was also the voice of the Scooby Doo cartoon character Shaggy. Kasem, now 81-years-old, is in advanced stages of Parkinson's disease, and his daughter has filed for a temporary conservatorship. The petition accuses her father's wife of preventing the daughter and her siblings from contacting Kasem or taking charge of his health care.

Bynes goes to private facility, mother gets conservatorship

Canton, MI, fans of Amanda Bynes' may have breathed a sigh of relief as she was moved from the Reagan UCLA Medical Center to a private facility outside Los Angeles. Bynes is now under the legal conservatorship of her mother, according to the mother's attorney. The move followed a mental health court proceeding earlier in the month. The actress had been under psychiatric care ordered by the court after she was reported to have started a fire in front of a private home in July 2013.

Estate tax credits to rise in 2014

Many people with large estates have put a lot of work into ensuring that their heirs are affected as little as possible by estate taxes. These people may welcome the news that estate tax limits will rise in 2014. These people will be able to pass on $90,000 more in the estate administration process than in 2013 without having to worry about estate taxes.

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