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November 2013 Archives

Some issues for consideration when caring for elderly parents

Michigan residents may be among others in the nation who are finding that they are responsible for taking care of aging parents from a distance. Jobs, marriage or lifestyle choices may require individuals to live far from their parents.

Killer mother not entitled to children's estate

Michigan's Slayer Statute prohibits someone from benefiting from a person's estate if he or she feloniously or intentionally caused that person's death. Other states have similar laws, and a recent case in New York touched on this issue.

The basics of estate planning

Michigan residents may wonder exactly what estate planning entails and whether it is necessary for them. Simply put, estate planning is a way for a person to decide during life how any assets should be distributed following their death. A detailed estate plan may cover both current assets and those that a person expects to receive. In some cases, a person can choose to structure the plan in order to avoid probate, which can be time-consuming or expensive.

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