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Temporary conservatorship for Casey Kasem rejected by Judge

Michigan classic radio fans may be interested in the following story about top-40 radio legend, Casey Kasem. His children have become embroiled in a battle with his wife of 30 years over the conservatorship of Kasem.

The children had filed a motion to have a temporary conservator appointed for Casey, who suffers from advanced Parkinson's disease. The petition, which was filed in a Los Angeles court in October, claims that Kasem had been isolated from family and friends by his wife. According to one of Kasem's daughters, approximately three months earlier, Kasem's wife suddenly barred some of his friends, her uncle and her sister from seeing him.

In 2007, Kasem signed documents giving one daughter and her husband power of attorney in case he became unable to make his own health decisions. However, the suit claims that his daughter and her husband have not been able to check on her father and assess his health. Lawyers for Kasem's wife and his children are in discussions to set up a visitation plan.

On Nov. 19, a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge ruled that the retired radio host was being well cared for and rejected a change in conservator for him. On December 20, the judge will determine whether to appoint a permanent conservator.

The task of determining the best course of action for a family member who cannot make his or her own medical decisions may be fraught and emotionally charged for family members. The role of conservatorship is to appoint one person to make medical decisions in order to avoid confusion and conflict regarding the patient's care. In cases where the family cannot resolve issues of guardianship, a lawyer with a background in conservatorship cases may be able to help family members resolve issues through mediation or litigation.

Source: CNN Entertainment, "Judge rejects conservatorship for Casey Kasem; finds wife taking good care of him", Alan Duke, November 19, 2013

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