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Woman includes houseplant in estate planning documents

Think about some of the items that you will leave behind for your family members when you pass away. More than likely, your thoughts went to big ticket items like your home and your car. You might have even thought about who you would like to care for your pets. One woman has taken things to another level and created a care plan for her plant as part of her will.

The woman owns a 42-year-old philodendron. Her will provides a provision in the amount of $5,000 for a friend to care for the houseplant when she passes away. She doesn't have any children, and her siblings don't have her passion for plants, so the woman opted to leave the money and plant to a trusted friend.

Given to her in 1972 by a friend, the plant has grown to 7-feet tall. It broke a glass table in 1990 because of the sheer weight of it. Since then, it has been placed on the floor where it grew into the floor planks. Last year, she paid $370 to have it moved from that location to her condo.

The woman has other plants, but she says she isn't as attached to them as she is this one. She hasn't made any provisions in her will for the other plants she owns. She says the other plants are smaller and that she hopes someone will take them when the time comes.

Ensuring that the items you hold most dear to you will be given to someone you trust when you are gone is possible if you complete a will. Knowing Michigan laws pertaining to wills can help you to ensure that your wishes are conveyed in a way that easily understood and legally valid.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, "A Woman's Will Provides Funds for Trusty Houseplant Upon Her Death" James R. Hagerty, May. 04, 2014

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