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Smart planning: Robin Williams' estate will likely avoid probate

For many people, keeping family matters private is a major concern. What some people might not realize is that handling your estate plan using only a will is one way that your family will lose privacy when the estate is settled. This is because wills go through probate court and are made a matter of public record. If the will is contested, those proceedings are made public as well.

Points to consider that can affect a will's validity

Making a will is something that is very important for almost everyone. What some people don't realize is that there are certain things to consider when making a will because these conditions must be met in order for the will to be a valid legal document. Readers in Michigan should consider these points when they decide to make a will or update a current one.

Powers, duties and limitations of guardianships

When you have a family member who is disabled or unable to make decisions on his or her own, you probably wish you could help them. One way that might possible is to become a guardian over the person. Becoming a guardian is a very serious responsibility that must be carefully considered, but in some instances, it can be a good tool for ensuring that the disabled person is properly cared for. Readers in Michigan might be interested in learning about some basic facets of guardianships.

Michigan senior citizens learn about estate planning importance

How many times have you see commercials for websites like Legal Zoom show up on your television or computer? The answer is probably fairly high. When you are considering making an estate plan, you might be tempted to jump on that website and use one of the kits that are available. In a recent seminar, elderly Michigan residents were warned against using those do-it-yourself kits because some of them aren't legal in the state.

Special needs trusts help to keep disabled loved ones cared for

Taking care of a child or family member who is disabled or mentally ill can be a taxing situation for anyone. One way that people in Michigan can make sure their family members with special needs are taken care of is through trusts. A special needs trust is one that can be used to handle assets and inheritances that are going to those who are disabled.

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