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Probate is used for more than just wills and estates in Michigan

We have let our readers know a lot of information since this blog was first published. One thing that we have covered is probate. Our Michigan readers might find it helpful for us to give a quick overview about some of the things that are handled in probate court in our state.

Avoiding probate on real estate with a trust

Probate can be an expensive and difficult process for many Michigan residents. The probate process often leeches value from many inherited assets. However, when inheritance involves only real estate, there are many ways to avoid probate and its negative effects.

The timing of getting a parent's power of attorney

Residents of Michigan with aging parents may be interested in information about care-giving and powers of attorney. There are five different types of POAs: a power of attorney for health care, a limited power of attorney, a financial power of attorney, a durable power of attorney and a springing power of attorney.

Avoiding common estate planning mistakes

There are several common mistakes people in Michigan would do well to avoid regarding estate planning. Some of the mistakes may be corrected if they have already been made, but it's best to fix any problem as soon as possible so it does not become too late.

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