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Candy shop sues over soured real estate deal in Lansing

A federal lawsuit claims that a real estate enterprise stalled its development operations at a commercial real estate location Lansing Township. Allegedly, the real estate company, which the lawsuit claims was "illegal and fraudulent," delayed operations due to a conflict of interest.

Basketball star Lebron James in trademark war

International basketball star LeBron James has recently become embroiled in a trademark dispute because of his barbershop video series. The creator of "The Social Club," another barbershop video series, claims that James and his company, Uninterrupted, stole the idea of a barbershop-based talk show from him.

Business lawsuits pursued by Michigan coffee shop franchisee

A Michigan investor, who bought into the Roasting Plant coffee shop franchise, is suing the company for fraud. The investor purchased and paid to build two new locations for the coffee shop, one in Dearborn Heights and the other in Ann Arbor, paying over $3.1 million to set up the stores.

What is a mechanic's lien?

A mechanic's lien doesn't have anything to do with car repair, even if it sounds like it. What it generally refers to in the context of real estate is the work that a contractor does on contract relating to a property, and the amount of money that the property owner has agreed to pay the contractor.

Drink gin for breakfast but only if it's made by Few Spirits

Two gin distilleries are waging battle in court over the right to use the word "breakfast" in the name of their products. Few Spirits -- the maker of "Breakfast Gin" claims that Gray Skies Distilleries is infringing on its mark by naming its competing gin product "Breakfast Rye." According to Few, Gray Skies is attempting to hijack its hard-won branding -- saying that the use of the word breakfast will serve to confuse its customer base as to which alcoholic beverage is the original Breakfast Gin.

What are the remedies for a breach of contract suit?

We enter into contracts when we contract employees, when we negotiate a deal with a business and in numerous other circumstances. However, the other party in the contracts we agree to may not always hold up its end of the bargain. In these situations, you may be able to seek different remedies in court -- like financial compensation -- from the party that has breached the contract.

Real estate closings: Beware of unrealistic closing dates

When you plan to purchase a piece of commercial real estate, you no doubt want the transaction and "deal making" process to be completed as quickly as possible. This may result in your pressuring the selling party to close on the deal fast. The seller, worried that the deal will not go through, could be more than willing to comply with your request.

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