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What duties does a guardian or conservator have?

Michigan individuals who do not make alternative arrangements through estate planning may find that others are appointed as a guardian or conservator if they are declared incapacitated by a court of competent jurisdiction. The duties of guardians and conservators differ considerably.

Powers, duties and limitations of guardianships

When you have a family member who is disabled or unable to make decisions on his or her own, you probably wish you could help them. One way that might possible is to become a guardian over the person. Becoming a guardian is a very serious responsibility that must be carefully considered, but in some instances, it can be a good tool for ensuring that the disabled person is properly cared for. Readers in Michigan might be interested in learning about some basic facets of guardianships.

Guardianship: A useful tool when used properly

Guardianships are a touchy subject for some people; however, everyone should understand some basics about guardianships just in case you ever have to use one to help keep a member of your family safe. Knowing some of the basics might make it easier for you to go through the process if it becomes necessary.

Casey Kasem's family deals with conservatorship and visitation

At some point in life, almost everyone hears about the importance of making their end-of-life wishes known to others. While most people think of issues like asset distribution or ventilator support, there are some other issues that you have to think of when you are completing estate planning documents. The case of Casey Kasem highlights the need for estate planning that makes all your final wishes known.

Mother granted conservatorship for missing doctor's estate

It is an unfortunate situation when a family member is unable to make decisions on his or her own finances because of a disability or other extenuating circumstances. When this occurs, you might be able to petition the court to become a conservator over the person's affairs. If the court approves the petition, you will be able to ensure that the financial affairs are properly cared for during the approved conservatorships. For one mother, petitioning the court to become the conservator of her daughter's estate was necessitated by her daughter disappearing after coming to Michigan for a medical residency through the Western Michigan University School of Medicine.

Temporary conservatorship for Casey Kasem rejected by Judge

Michigan classic radio fans may be interested in the following story about top-40 radio legend, Casey Kasem. His children have become embroiled in a battle with his wife of 30 years over the conservatorship of Kasem.

Judge allows review of Kasem's health

Casey Kasem gained fame through his radio countdown shows that were broadcast in Michigan and across the United States, and and the man was also the voice of the Scooby Doo cartoon character Shaggy. Kasem, now 81-years-old, is in advanced stages of Parkinson's disease, and his daughter has filed for a temporary conservatorship. The petition accuses her father's wife of preventing the daughter and her siblings from contacting Kasem or taking charge of his health care.

Bynes goes to private facility, mother gets conservatorship

Canton, MI, fans of Amanda Bynes' may have breathed a sigh of relief as she was moved from the Reagan UCLA Medical Center to a private facility outside Los Angeles. Bynes is now under the legal conservatorship of her mother, according to the mother's attorney. The move followed a mental health court proceeding earlier in the month. The actress had been under psychiatric care ordered by the court after she was reported to have started a fire in front of a private home in July 2013.

Information for those contemplating a guardianship

Massachusetts residents may be interested in information regarding guardianships in order to get a complete picture of estate planning options. Though the cost may be high, a guardianship may be an important option in the event of a person's incapacity.

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