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Even minor criminal offenses can tarnish your background. Employers, educational institutions, insurers, financial institutions and the government all have access to your permanent record. A criminal conviction, and sometimes just a charge, can cause job loss, loan denial, inability to enter an educational program or loss of gun rights. It is critical to have aggressive, knowledgeable and experienced legal representation in your corner if you have been charged with a criminal offense.

The first thing we will tell you is to say nothing to police or prosecutors without a criminal defense lawyer present. Everything that you say and do will be used against you. No matter what they say, you do not have to speak to the police or submit to any form of testing without an attorney present.

At Clos, Russell & Wirth, P.C., we protect your rights and your legal privileges, including driving privileges, as a sturdy and practical legal force. Our Westland criminal defense attorneys fight for your case every step of the way and work with vigor to reduce charges, mitigate consequences, keep charges off your permanent record or get them dropped.

Prosecutors are not your friends and will use everything they have to prosecute you. They are not bad people, this is just their job. They will charge you with the highest crime possible and use every available resource to obtain a conviction. You need legal representation that can counter the overly aggressive tactics of prosecutors and advise you of all your rights. With more than two decades of experience in criminal defense practice, our lawyers have represented hundreds of cases as city of Wayne public defenders and in private practice.

We will put our extensive resources and investigative skills to work to influence the best possible resolution in your case.

Guarding Your Rights And Providing Practical Counsel

Our law firm takes the protections of your rights extremely seriously. Under the United States Constitution and the Michigan Constitution you have rights that we will guard with resilience and determination. Police often overstep their authority, and our independent investigation of your case will closely examine all circumstances and procedures leading to your arrest. Whether you are charged with marijuana possession or distributing medical marijuana, domestic violence, OWI, assault, theft or another crime, you are protected against illegal search and seizure, and you have the right to a trial by jury.

Our legal representation will provide you with the best opportunity to defend the charges against you and protect your rights. Sometimes your best options include a plea bargain, which can result in probation, small fines, community service or counseling. If charges are upheld, and you are convicted, complying with and completing these minimized consequences of sentence reduction can allow a criminal conviction to fall off your record in certain circumstances. We are experienced in removing juvenile adjudication from people's records and setting aside convictions for adults.

Even a charge of domestic violence or assault can affect custody of your children in the future. It is a dangerous area of the law because just a seemingly innocent act such as unwanted touching could qualify as domestic violence. It can be used as a statutory fact when determining custody in a divorce or grounds for a protective order between you and a person with whom you have a child in common. Informed and knowledgeable legal representation is critical to protect your future.

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