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Westland Arbitration Lawyers

Clos, Russell & Wirth, P.C., is a full-service, general practice law firm providing southeast Michigan with a range of services. We take pride in all the services we provide to our clients, but we view arbitration and mediation as particularly helpful in solving disputes civilly outside of the court system. The costs for our clients are typically fewer and the process of finding resolution is usually quicker, resulting in less bad blood between the parties.

Arbitration is the process of resolving any civil dispute or a grievance by presenting it to an impartial third party or panel rather than to a judge and/or jury. Arbitrators are usually individuals who are trained in the field that is being arbitrated and who have a close understanding of the issues involved. Our Westland arbitration attorneys are capable of functioning as arbitrators, but we also provide valuable counsel to our clients who seek arbitrated resolutions, which disqualifies us from functioning as arbitrators ourselves.

Arbitration is less formal than court proceedings, and it does not involve all the requirements of litigation, which typically add expenses. Arbitrated decisions are generally binding and may be turned into court judgments at the request of the parties. Once a resolution is reached, it is final. There are no appeals.

Mediation resolutions are nonbinding interventions between parties. In mediation, we work to resolve a dispute by means of reconciliation, settlement or compromise that is suitable to all parties involved. Divorce mediations are common, but mediation can also be used to resolve any civil dispute or grievance.

Any lawyer can function as an arbitrator or a mediator, but it is very advantageous to work with a legal counsel who is experienced with mediating disputes and grievances on a regular basis. Partner attorney Charles E. Clos is a certified community mediator in Michigan.

In mediation, the parties involved control the outcome. The proceedings are confidential and participants are able to speak openly about their grievances. Ideally, all participants craft a resolution that meets the mutual interests and needs of everyone involved so that controversies are settled without antagonistic or harmful methods.

Arbitration and mediation proceedings are not the best methods of solving every dispute, but it is an option you should consider. We will help you determine the method that will most likely provide for your most favorable resolution based on the facts of your case, your relationship with other parties involved, and your interests and needs.

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