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Getting A Juvenile Adjudication Removed

Setting aside an adjudication removes a juvenile adjudication from the public record of the Michigan State Police and is sometimes referred to as an expungement. The law that allows a person to apply to have an adjudication set aside provides that the record be made nonpublic so that any criminal record check, made by someone other than those agencies specified in the law, would reveal no adjudication.

Conditions For Applying

A person may apply to have a juvenile adjudication set aside for any offense except: 1) an offense that if committed by an adult would be a felony for which the maximum punishment is life imprisonment; 2) a specified juvenile violation as defined in MCL 712A.2d(9); or 3) a traffic offense or a substantially corresponding local ordinance that involves the operation of a vehicle that at the time of the violation was a felony or misdemeanor. A person may have only one adjudication set aside. A person who has an adult felony conviction cannot apply.

A person may not apply until he or she has become at least 24 years of age and either: 1) 5 years have passed since the disposition of the adjudication was imposed, if he or she was not detained; or 2) if he or she was detained as a result of the adjudication, 5 years have passed since release from that term of detention.

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