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Wills: The Cornerstones Of Estate Planning

Every adult should have, at a minimum, a basic Will to direct their affairs after their death. Clients have trusted the Westland estate planning attorneys at Clos, Russell & Wirth, P.C., for more than 15 years to skillfully assist them with drafting effective Wills or reviewing existing ones to determine if anything essential was overlooked.

A properly prepared Will allows your wishes to be carried out after death. There are a great many benefits to having a Will, including:

  • Dictate to whom your assets are distributed, and at what time.
  • Nominate a guardian or conservator for a minor child.
  • Nominate the person you would like to act as your Personal Representative (often called an executor or executrix).
  • Disinherit those you do not want to benefit from your estate.
  • In a blended marriage, state whether you want step-children to inherit a portion of your estate (by law, stepchildren are not considered legal heirs of the non-biological parent).

Without a Will, the State mandates the person or persons to whom your Estate will be distributed. These may or not be the same persons to whom you want your Estate distributed.

Having a Will eliminates any confusion or misunderstanding of your intentions. Without a Will, your heirs or the court are left to determine what you would have wanted. This can and often does lead to prolonged legal battles and familial infighting.

If you already have a Will, it is important to review it regularly, particularly in the event of a death, marriage, divorce or birth of a child in your family. The failure to update an existing Will can be almost as problematic as not having one at all.

Contact a lawyer at our firm to get started protecting your assets, ensuring that your wishes are clear and that your estate is distributed as you wish.

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