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Setting the rules for resolving post-divorce parenting disputes

If you're raising your child as a single co-parent and sharing the parenting responsibilities with the mother or father of your child, you may not always see eye-to-eye with the other parent. In some cases, a parental disagreement like this could blow up into a dispute that ends up in court. However, if you establish some rules of procedure for resolving disputes within your parenting plan, you may be able to prevent a costly court battle.

When can I move to a new state with my child?

If a job opportunity in another state presents itself, a Michigan parent might be tempted to move to that state with his or her child. However, due to the nature of child custody laws, the process of getting permission to move with a child could involve a few legal hoops that the parent needs to jump through.

Could Michigan soon have an automatic 50-50 custody bill?

Michigan parents may want to take note of House Bill 4691, the Michigan Shared Parenting Act. This bill -- which offers automatic 50-50 custody to divorcing parents -- could become a state law. Last Friday, an activist group in favor of the proposed measure gathered at the downtown Grand Rapids courthouse to show their support for the legislation.

International child custody disputes: Here's what you should know

International child custody disputes are particularly more likely to happen to individuals who have lived overseas and had a baby with a foreign partner, or to individuals who have been married to a foreign spouse. If a dispute over child custody comes up, the foreign spouse might travel with your child to his or her home country and never come back. Doing so, however, could be a violation of international child custody laws.

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