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December 2017 Archives

When can I move to a new state with my child?

If a job opportunity in another state presents itself, a Michigan parent might be tempted to move to that state with his or her child. However, due to the nature of child custody laws, the process of getting permission to move with a child could involve a few legal hoops that the parent needs to jump through.

Drink gin for breakfast but only if it's made by Few Spirits

Two gin distilleries are waging battle in court over the right to use the word "breakfast" in the name of their products. Few Spirits -- the maker of "Breakfast Gin" claims that Gray Skies Distilleries is infringing on its mark by naming its competing gin product "Breakfast Rye." According to Few, Gray Skies is attempting to hijack its hard-won branding -- saying that the use of the word breakfast will serve to confuse its customer base as to which alcoholic beverage is the original Breakfast Gin.

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